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Access Control

Lockdown. Closed campus. Defensible perimeter. Maintaining corporate integrity: EPS worked with our clients to resolve threats since before they were buzz words. We understand the intricacies of Access Control and take it seriously. We're your single-source for design, implementation and maintenance of even the most sophisticated access control systems in the region. Our staff has the integrity and experience to provide the system to fit your needs.

Locking a door seems pretty straight forward until you have hundreds of doors across a campus, facility, school district or city. Add controlling different levels of access and managing personnel changes and you have our Access Control Systems. From one door with an electric time lock to the county-wide school district with all perimeter doors programmed from a central office, EPS has done it all and we can show you how we can do it for you. As with all other systems, we maintain what we sell to ensure it continues to fulfill its design intent long after the installation. Call us to tailor a system to your specific site; ask for a consultation and let us show you how easy it is to give you control of your facility.

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